Photographic Practice

‘ a search of time and place’

'dægréd sang'; daybreak song.
‘dægréd sang’; daybreak song.

My photographic practice is a search of time and place within my locality – a place we live, work and die, and the traces we leave.

An understanding and observation of our land; a place that provides us with a resolution of our past, but also a land we can discover anew. The satisfaction belongs in the detail, the humble and ordinary, and the folk-lore that lies behind it. Local names and speech are used; a language borne out of economic necessity and co-operation.

The German notion of Sehnsucht; that of ‘something intensely missing’; emotions that lie dormant only to be rekindled by a fleeting experience, is an important component in this work. Applied to the land, it becomes the underlying energy of a personal journey of exploration; a search for a connection where time and place are seen as one.

Ken Harrison 3rd December 2015



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