Research Paper


Sehnsucht and the search for place in Neo-Romantic British Landscape Photography.

“This paper explores the search for place in British Neo-Romantic landscape photography: a search that is both intense and individual, which continually provides the foundation for significant creative output. The Germanic concept of Sehnsucht is used in this exploration as I believe it is a principle motivator, influencing and shaping creativity.

Sehnsucht is a concept of time and place, a search, deeply personal, and often difficult to communicate. I position this search alongside discussing ideas of Space, Place and Site in relation to photography. When these are applied in conjunction they become a powerful descriptor of the individual artist’s motives and produce exemplary work.

Sehnsucht becomes the underlying energy in the emotional search for place in landscape photography. Two photographers, Raymond Moore and Fay Godwin have been chosen to illustrate the ideas of Sehnsucht; both recognising the personal journey they have undertaken, that of seeing time and place as one.

From this research, I discuss and distinguish qualities within Neo-Romantic Landscape photography which contribute to noteworthy images. Traits that emphasise interpretation and avoid replication, with the aim of incorporating them within my developing practice and portfolio.”

The full text can be emailed upon request or alternatively can be downloaded here.


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